Personalised Swim Coaching

Aquilibrium offers personalised swim coaching for both youth and adult triathletes

Whether you are a complete novice or well tuned cyclist/runner who struggles with the first discipline this is where you can start to make a difference to your swim training for multi-sport or stand alone swim events

This innovative programme hones in on the swim part of your event and offers one-to-one coaching support together with squad training sessions to review your ongoing progress and performance. Based near Rutland Water you will also be offered the best of facilities.

The RLSS and BTF have recently confirmed a partnership towards the promotion and development of the growing sport of triathlon. This 3 year partnership highlights the potential growth of open water swimming and the need to develop the sport’s infrastructure to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for new and existing participants. 40% of British Triathlon events involve open water swims. As a qualified and experienced Level 3 Triathlon coach, I will work with you to provide all the tools you need to reduce ‘one of the main barriers of triathlon participation’ (BTF;2016). If you are a more experienced athlete we shall refine your current skills to improve your performance

Aquilibrium provides swim tuition for the freestyle stroke. I shall work with you to build confidence and enjoyment in your swim experience by looking at technique, speed, strength and endurance in both pool and open water. This in turn will bring results not only in the swim but relative to the overall performance of your triathlon event. Often an area often overlooked by athletes. As a performance coach, some may believe the term performance is only suitable for working with the fastest athletes. This is certainly not the case. The term itself being defined as being consistent and methodical until completion - completion of your personal goals regardless of current ability in the sport. If you make a commitment to the time involved in training for triathlon, why would you not do it to the best of your ability?

Triathlon is a sport for individuals. In all my years of competing and coaching someone once defined the sport to me as ‘a sport for individuals where those individuals often come together to train for achievement of their own selfish goals’. Albeit a rather sweeping generalisation it seems not too far from the truth given some careful thought. You are out there alone when it comes to race day, so why would you not dedicate the time to swim better whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced. Having all the right tools available to you is very important and no stone left unturned.

So what is my point? My point is that triathletes underestimate the importance of being able to swim efficiently. Admittedly you won’t win a triathlon on the swim alone but it can be detrimental to your over all performance if done badly. Those who make decisions to be thorough and consistent towards achieving a goal are usually the ones to succeed.

Advertising for initial participation is all about and having a go. I am not a great believer that any triathlete ‘have a go’ for long. Our nature is to do the very best we can and grow in to the sport. That is generally the personality of the triathlete and from the moment the gun goes off to crossing the finish line, it’s all about your physical and mental performance and ability to manage the challenges thrown at you in an event

During my competing and coaching years I have learned that starting an event well is very positive. Why get through the swim, only take part in relays and set yourself up for all the worry of not succeeding in the swim when this can be easily changed. Take away those barriers and see how you can make a difference ready for 2017

Get in touch to find out more about how you can go in to next season as a smoother, more confident freestyle swimmer. One to one, small groups, full video stroke analysis and full squad training sessions are available to you now.

Call Nikki 07545 187135 or e-mail Also see our facebook page - Tri3 Triathlon & Aquilibrium Swim coaching for more information or website

Nikki Fletcher
Level 3 BTF Coach
Level 2 ASA Swim Teacher, RLSS NRASTC
Founder of The Sleaford Triathlon Club, East Midlands

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