One to One Swim

Aquilibrium swim coaching is an innovative swim coaching programme designed to help you improve your technique, pace and endurance in both pool and open water swimming.

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If you are a triathlete this will be in the one freestyle stroke as part of your triathlon training schedule. It is recognised that the swim is the biggest barrier to starting your journey in the sport and I have helped hundreds of athletes to overcome these fears and go on to accomplish personal goals they never thought possible.

Swim Coaching (Aquilibrium) Swim Coaching (Aquilibrium)

Whether you are learning to swim, fitness, adventure or highly competitive athlete we can support you to unlock your potential. This can be in one to one swim sessions, pairs or small group sessions. Alternatively you could look at the option of joining the Aquilibrium swim team starting in 2017 - where weekly sessions can be designed and sent over to you with monthly pool squad sessions to review your progress. A limited number of places are available for 2017.

Aquilibrium also offers the option of a full underwater swim analysis to look at your swim stroke in more detail. Looking at your technique under water usually identifies the key areas for development to improve efficiency in the freestyle chain of events. Progress can be evidenced in increased pace, endurance and confidence towards achieving your short, medium and long term goals.

To find out what would be the most suitable pathway for you and more information about cost, please email or call 01780 591344.