Swim Analysis


Aquilibirum will do a full pool swim analysis for you using an HD, good quality underwater camera.

You will receive specific and immediate feedback to improve your freestyle stroke from underwater pool filming and an opportunity for an question and answer session. You will also be set a development swim session to implement corrective drills to improve your technique. This will be based on the findings of the analysis and a link to the footage will be provided. Improved technique is guaranteed to bring results with efficiency, speed and endurance. This in turn will bring new PBs and confidence in swimming, especially being the first discipline in triathlon events. The biggest barrier to competing in triathlon is usually the swim and we can help to overcome this if you feel you need support

Winter training is the perfect time to work on your swim technique and we will show you clearly where you can make improvements both in the pool and transfer this to the open water environment.

Follow up sessions are also available as an option by an 4 week review if you would like to continue a consistent follow up programme by way of our Aquilibrium Coaching methods

If you are interested in any of the options for a full stroke analysis and to see guaranteed improvements in your technique, please contact Nikki at nikki@tri3.co.uk or ring 07545 187135

Options & Costs

£70 for a 60 minute (pool) underwater stroke analysis including a follow up prescribed swim training session to take away in response to the findings during the session including corrective drills

£130 for a 60 minute initial underwater pool analysis + one further review session 4 weeks later (60 minutes) with 4 weeks of prescribed pool based sessions (3 weekly) for monitored stroke development in between

or Join the Aquilibrium one to one squad coaching, where you continue to pay £65 per month and all your weekly swim sessions will be designed for you personally with regular monthly pool session reviews in a small coached group.

This will run from January - Sept 2017. A small number of places are still available - call us now to find out more 07545 187135

Alternatively, swim with us in the weekly squad freestyle training session when you will pay as you go, £5 weekly, to continue improving your freestyle stroke in the company of other like minded athletes

We shall look forward to hearing from you