Welcome to Aquilibrium, a new venture and innovative swim coaching system

Aquilibrium is a product of many years of coaching and competing in swimming and the multi-sport of Triathlon.

From swimming at a good level as a child and also growing up in a Royal Navy family, I was fortunate to travel a lot and live in some warm places where swimming was a way of life.

Having 3 children, I firmly believe that learning to swim is a vital skill for safety and when mine were growing it would be a bonus if they decided to be more involved in the sport itself or for cross training with other sports. I firmly believe that swimming made a good contribution to their individual journeys in Football, Athletics, Rugby, Dancing and Netball improving fitness, flexibility, aerobic endurance and all round body conditioning, reducing risk of injury especially during growth spurts

In 2006 I left a management position from a national sales company that totally consumed my life leaving no time for my young family let alone any activity outside of business meetings and the car.  Being closer to home and feeling very unfit I decided to head for the gym on a regular basis. With that focus and completing a teaching degree over the following 3 years I was blessed with the quality of life I was looking for at that time with the children and the rest is history as they say. In early 2007 I competed in my first Sprint Triathlon and was hooked the following year taking on another half a dozen at the same distance. Since that time I have competed over all distances from Sprint to Iron Man, competing in the GB Age Group team over Olympic Distance in June 2013

September 2013 saw the opening of the Triathlon Club I founded in my local town at the newly refurbished leisure centre. With lots of support in the community we opened the doors to our first club swim session where 27 people showed up keen to develop their swim stroke and compete in their first triathlon  I have coached full time for several years until more recently when I joined Aqua Sphere UK . This on going portfolio has involved teaching children and adults to swim through to Age Group athletes achieving their goals in triathlon. All abilities from novice, intermediate through to advanced level competition

My purpose for setting up a triathlon club was to provide the best possible quality of coaching for the sport. An athlete focused environment where individuals could feel safe, confident and grow in their knowledge and ability of the three disciplines of triathlon, and get results. This goal was achieved and now I work commercially to bring you the very best premium coaching where we can work closely together (one to one) and you still have the benefits of squad sessions meeting with other like minded swimmers bringing further inspiration, motivation and of course humour that we all need from time to time. Now based in Rutland I am working in partnership with Tallington Lakes and Stamford Endowed School to bring you the continued high standards in swim coaching and teaching to agree your personal goals and feel accomplished with those end results.

Swimming is considered to one of the biggest barriers to athletes participating in triathlon and often we go through life and have never achieved confidence in the water for our own safety and to be able to take part in other adventures that involve a vital set of skills. We are 100% committed to improving your experience in the water. So whether you are a leisure swimmer, active fitness swimmer, adventure swimmer or competitive ‘in training’ athlete I would love to hear from you.

Being part of the Aqua Sphere Sales Team has also allowed me some great opportunities to meet sporting goods retail providers, many of whom are very knowledgeable and influential swim coaches around the UK, or involved in aspects of swim specialisms through clubs, events and supplying our brand to those consumers globally who require swim goods to a high standard that improve swim technique, comfort and performance. This all contributes to ongoing CPD in my field

I few personal thank yous to date go to my family, all of those I have coached previously including the members of Sleaford Triathlon Club who have supported me during the 3 years of leading the club as Chair and Head Coach, NKDC who believed in the rise of what became a big successful triathlon club and Triathlon Scotland where I had a wonderful experience in taking on my Level 3 qualification at Sterling University 2 years ago. A very inspirational experience with some very dedicated coaches.